Few months ago, I made a prayer;

"Dear God, take away anything or anybody that is not serving purpose in my life from me".

This was an INTENTIONAL request. And I'm still getting results.

Have you ever wondered why a person that was once close and loving to you suddenly drifts apart? Even when you try to reach out to this person to find out what the issue is, they drift farther away without a cogent reason?

Hey! Learn to let people be, especially when you are at Peace with yourself. Sometimes the trash takes out itself. And that is a huge favor to you.

It gets to a point where you have to be intentional about the people around you.
How much do you pour into these people?
How much do you receive back?
Do you still feel empty around these people?
Is there a balance?
Once in a while, re-assess your relationship with people.

Ask questions like;
1. Why is this person still in my space?
2. What do I expect from this person?
3. Are my expectations being met by this person?
You are not being selfish. It's a mental "sanitation"
In every relationships, there are expectations. The saying:
"Nobody owes anybody anything" has messed up a lot of great relationships. You actually do owe people alot.
You owe people explanations.
You owe people courtesy.
You owe people good behavior.
You owe people honesty.
You owe people apologies.
You owe people money (This part is always the most sensitive subject matter... Hehehe). But you actually do owe people some financial assistance.
Infact, you owe people so much than you could ever imagine.
You didn't fall down from the sky. You were raised by people.

Be it family members, friends, colleagues or just random strangers, you OWE people.
Yes, we agree that everybody has a role to play in peoples' lives. That role can either be a Blessing or a lession.
Whatever the case may be, it doesn't mean it is a long term role. Roles end.

Define it.
Accept it.
Let it go.

What am I saying?
Friends become strangers 
Strangers become friends.
Any relationship that leads to a purposeful end is one built on honesty, understanding and patience.

Conclusively, a relationship without proper communication is already a failed one. If it cannot be fixed, it should be discarded respectfully.

Love and Light.


  1. This is a fact. One has to define any relationship he/she enters. Without defining it, it makes things difficult and you get to question why this or that and you find yourself in a situation you don't want to get into.


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