Diary of a single Ibo girl part 15

"Happy Anniversary babe", I felt someone nibble my ears as I struggled to open my sleepy eyes.
" Hmmm ", I had mumbled as I stretched over to the other side of the bed.
" Wakey wakey sunshine", Mike had tickled me back to reality. I smiled as I met his gaze. Chai!! My fine China.
He held a bottle of fine wine over my face.
"Nna, what are we celebrating kwanu"? I had asked in a mimicked ibo accent.
" Nne, we are celebrating love o" he had answered in same manner. We both laughed.

I was now seated on the bed, facing him directly. He moved closer to me and held my hands, his gaze never leaving mine.

"It's 6months today since you came into my life and you've brought me nothing but happiness... I love you with everything I live for" A tear dropped off his eye. I smiled. I probably had taught him how to drop tears when being emotional. Lol. This man loves me shamelessly.
"It's actually 5months and 3weeks o. Because we broke up for a week" I had said sarcastically, in a bid to ease the tension. My heart was skipping frantically. We both laughed again... Then became silent as he held my hand tightly. I could feel him shudder a bit.

"You're my first real MIRACLE", he had continued as he moved closer and planted a kiss on my lips. We hugged for what seemed like forever.
" Guy, propose already na" I thought to myself. We obviously are into each other, and the future is so bright for us, so why the delay? Abi 6 months is too short?? Hian!! As these thoughts ran through my heard, I heard something like;

"Will you marry me, Nkem"?

Wait!!! What?? Is it still my thought??

" Huh"?? I asked, looking up to him now.

"I cannot afford to live one more day without you. Please do forever with me" Mike repeated.

I bursted out in tears.
Yes!! I was going to get married to the man of my dreams.
"Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!" I answered excitedly, stretching out my finger. Oh my lawd!! This isn't happening!!!

"Errrrmmm... Baby, I've not gotten a ring yet. I just couldn't wait anymore to ask you. I don't want to make mistakes in your ring size. I want it perfect. We'll go get a ring later", he continued.

I just kept looking at him, not knowing if I should laugh or cry some more.
He doesn't know my finger size??

Just negodu!

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