Getting it right

I keep seeing guys rant about girls being slay mamas, gold diggers, oloshos and so many vulgar words used to qualify women nowadays... Well, I don't blame them. If only girls of this generation would love God, work hard, get developed morally, acquire skills to boost their self confidence, then maybe... You'll see a man as a "bonus" and not a "goal".

People these days have misplaced priorities. In the beginning, it wasn't so. The first thing God gave man (Adam) was work before giving him a woman (Eve). The first thing God gave a woman was a man (Adam).

It's such a shame the tables have turned around. A lot of men get married for convenience not love. Women now work their asses out just to meet up to a man's standard. No!!! You're not supposed to do that... Your goal is to be virtuous... Not rich!!! Read about the qualities of a virtuous woman. A man is supposed to love and a woman is supposed to submit.

Therefore, if a man has got no job, cannot provide for you, is not in God's presence, cannot make you better, doesn't have vision... It is VERY good for that man to be ALONE... Sister, leave him alone!!! Otherwise, he shouldn't be alone.

Likewise, sisters if you don't have your " default settings" intact, don't expect to get a "default settings" man.
Even with all the "sweet nothing's" a man has to say to you, you still need the spirit of discernment.

Being single won't kill you. Getting married won't heal you either. Waiting on God is NEVER a waste of time. Because at the end, God is still the CENTRE of it all. Somehow, someway, you'd need him to fix it all for you.

So on my bended knees, I lift my hands up to heaven and boldly declare that I surrender my need for love, my desire for companionship. I give up trying to be lovable and decide to trust God with all of my heart. This is my confession. Amen.

PS: Never let societal pressure push you into the hands of the wrong one. Stop being desperate because "your mates" are getting married. Do you also know "your mates" are dying everyday?? Focus on being a better person and be grateful to God for life.



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