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Getting it right

I keep seeing guys rant about girls being slay mamas, gold diggers, oloshos and so many vulgar words used to qualify women nowadays... Well, I don't blame them. If only girls of this generation would love God, work hard, get developed morally, acquire skills to boost their self confidence, then maybe... You'll see a man as a "bonus" and not a "goal". People these days have misplaced priorities. In the beginning, it wasn't so. The first thing God gave man (Adam) was work before giving him a woman (Eve). The first thing God gave a woman was a man (Adam). It's such a shame the tables have turned around. A lot of men get married for convenience not love. Women now work their asses out just to meet up to a man's standard. No!!! You're not supposed to do that... Your goal is to be virtuous... Not rich!!! Read about the qualities of a virtuous woman. A man is supposed to love and a woman is supposed to submit. Therefore, if a man has got no job,

Cooking made easy

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