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Diary of a single Ibo girl part 14

I rang the bell again; this time around holding the button for a longer period. Seconds later, the door flung open and there he was!! Lord have mercy! I had missed this man so much. There was this strong urge to grab him and hold him tightly but the "ogbanje" part of me was resisting that urge. He stood at the door staring expressionlessly at me. I couldn't fathom what was going through his big head. I noticed he has lost a little weight... "Eeya, dude hasn't been eating well" I thought to myself. Somehow I felt relieved and some sense of guilt over his weight loss (at least it showed that he had missed me and no girl was cooking for him). Mike is actually a terrible cook and at a point I stopped him from eating out because I was always stocking the refrigerator with food. He was also wearing one of the T-shirts I had gotten for him. "Hi" he had finally said. My heart skipped. "Calm down, calm down" I had cautioned myself. "I br