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The main chic's side chic part 1

I had just gotten out of the toilet to the insistent ringing of my phone. I had heard my phone ring almost 4times but the candy crush I was playing wouldn't let me leave the toilet seat. No, I wasn't easing myself in anyway in there... I just needed to finish that addictive game, and without distractions... Especially from my mum. She just hates it whenever I play with my tablet or phone. She would barge into the room just to check what I was doing. That day, in had decided to spend "quality time" in the toilet. After checking up on me twice and seeing I was still there, she called out. "Bia, Peace, ogini ka 'ina eme na toilet okembe otutu. Phone gi na e ringi la". (Come Peace, what r u doing in the toilet. Your phone has been ringing) She actually believed I was pooing because my phone was on the table. " I'm purging", I shouted back, faking a sound like I was really purging. When I was sure she had left, I came out. My phone kept ri