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Happily Never After part 2

The next day, I went to the hospital during lunch hour and fixed IUD as a protection. After all, the lack of contraceptive against pregnancy is the beginning of foolishness. I could not trust Ifemidayo to not get me pregnant intentionally and he would never support any permanent contraceptive so I just did it anyway. I’ll take it off codedly when I am ready. After that day, I stopped arguing with him about having babies. In fact, the next time he raised the issue, I simply said okay. He would never know I have sorted myself. Ifemidayo began to take special care of me after then. He would buy me fruits, make sure I took enough vegetables, read everything and anything about women trying to have babies. He made me start taking folic acid at some point in the hope that it would prepare my body for pregnancy. The sex was very regular and it was fun for me. He even started making me calculate my ovulation period. After one year of making so much effort, Ifemi started getting worried. I thou

Happily Never After part 1

My name is Ibukun, you can just call me Ib as that is what I am called by everybody anyway. I am seated on my desk in this office this Friday morning reflecting on my life these past 5 years. The mistakes I made, the decisions I took and how this job that meant the whole world to me has suddenly become a burden. I remember the day I met my husband here in the city of Abuja, I came for my job interview and he had come to have a meeting with one of the marketers. He could see how nervous I was sitting at the reception waiting to be called that he offered to wait and take me for a drink afterwards. I gave him the meanest look I could muster and told him to mind his business. See me preparing my mind for the biggest job interview of my life and there he was chasing a woman. I composed myself and went in for the interview with my laptop almost falling from my hands. I could already tell they loved all the samples of my designs I showed them from the looks on their faces. After all, I am fu

The main chic's side chic part 2.

I quickly recharged my phone and went back to playing my candy crush. Few mins later as predicted, he called "Did you get the card"? He asked. " Oh, have you sent it. Sorry jare. I've not checked my phone. Oya drop lemme check and call you back" I replied. I went back to my game jare. I needed to finish the level I was in. Moments later, he started calling back. By this time, I was smiling sheepishly; probably "feeling" myself. When I was sure I had played to my satisfaction, I decided to call back. "Na wa o", he had said immediately he picked the call. " Calm down there jare. I was busy" I teased. He laughed. " So what's up? You said you wanted to tell me something" he asked, rather agitatedly. "Guy, your blood dey hot o" I jokingly said. He muttered a "hmmm" sound. " Anyways, your wife, abi na fiancee called me and threatened to kill me if I don't leave you alone" I conti