My untold story in a nutshell Pt.2

True to her words, we finally got a bus. As we moved, she tried to make small talks. In as much as I was already stressed out, coupled with the very hot weather, I just couldn't ignore her.
"I almost thought you were going to faint", she said sarcastically. I smiled weakly.
" Thank you jare. If not for you, I probably would still be standing there". I was quite appreciative of her concern.
"I'm Divine, but you can call me Didi", she continued.
I noticed that she was too close to me; even though the bus was small, I still felt there was a little room for space. Her breast was pressed against my body. Yimu!
" I'm Peace", I replied as I made effort to adjust my body.

We talked for a little while as I later learned she was a final year student of one of the Art Departments. She paid for my fare and took my number.

As I walked to my room, the only thing I could think of was food... And my laptop. I was watching a series "Nikita" with it. I lived alone in a self contained in Choba. It was one of those days when Choba decided to pity and give us "light". When I sighted the " light", I just thought of the fan in my room, my mini home theatre (I didn't have a TV; my laptop served that purpose), thought of the shower (I wouldn't know why, but the shower only functioned with light, lol), thought of food... Oh food! I didn't usually cook but I had three kitchens, apart from mine; one was Sammie's fast food where I usually bought doughnuts, then a woman that sold "bolie" (roasted plantain and fish) in front of my street, then the last was just a shop close to my lodge where I bought moi moi and coke. I was actually in the mood for moi moi and coke.

As I opened the gate to my lodge, I could feel the serenity of the compound, and the fresh air that accompanied it. Oh boy! This was heaven. I thought to myself. My lodge was my safe haven. Always cold and quiet. Immediately inside my room, I removed my brazier (that stuff usually choked me... Most times, I would remove it during lectures. Don't worry about the size of the unpacked breast, you wouldn't notice... Lol). The fan was switched to its highest. I immediately ran to the kitchen, washed my hands and came back to the bed. As I laid on the bed, I kept contemplating if I should take my bath or eat first. If I bathed first, I might doze off immediately without eating. If I ate first, I might be too lazy to go take my bath afterwards, plus I would want to watch my movie while eating. As I battled with my thoughts, I heard my phone ring...
"Hello" I answered.
"Hey sweetheart, it's Didi", she responded.
" Can we hang out later in the evening"? She had asked.
I didn't know what to make of that question but somehow I was just curious and somehow fascinated about her, so I answered "cool".


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