Weird things that can actually attract a guy

1. Confidence: That stride and the look on your face when you walk into a room full of guys are what attract you to that guy.

2. Bad dance steps: This is top secret but believe me when I say there's something adorable about a girl who can't dance. A lot of men find it attractive. But don't try to fake it.

3. Short girls: Guys love short girls, especially when they have to help you reach out for something.

4. Be natural: It works like magic when you go all natural. No make up, no lashes, hair pulled backwards... You'd be surprised how attractive he'd find you.

5. Eat: Girls that are scared to eat especially in front of a guy can be turn offs for some guys.

6. Wear his clothes: Easy to put on, easy to take off.

7. Get jealous: Not overly jealous though but just enough to make him feel manly and needed.

8. Be comfortable: When you fart and don't try to hide it but instead you laugh over it. While some men will find this attractive, others will find it disgusting. There's no harm in trying though. Lol.


  1. i agree with No 3 but not that short oo

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