Diary of a single Ibo girl part 13

It's been three days I left Mike's house and it felt like eternity not hearing from him. I kept checking my phone for his calls or SMS... No word from him. I was beginning to lose it.
On the fourth day, I decided to call. The phone rang twice and then my gut failed me... I hung up. He didn't call back. Kai! I was going crazy. Then I decided to take the easier option... Send a text message.
Without any formality, I typed the message
"Hi, please I think I forgot a black pant in your house... Check to confirm. Thanks".

Pronto! The message was sent and delivered within seconds. Obviously, these are the kind of messages network providers deliver with immediate effect. Knowing fully well that I didn't forget any pant there, I waited patiently for a reply. Every now and then I kept checking my phone... Nothing.
Seconds turned into minutes. Minutes into hours... Still no response. I had never felt this anxious for a common response before. Hmmm... I went to bed heartbroken... For the second time.

I woke up the following morning to his calls... I had missed two calls from him... Mtchwwww, only two sef. As I battled with my thoughts whether to call back or not, my phone started ringing. It was him. With a mixture of annoyance and relief, I picked the call
" Hello" I heard from the other end.
Damn! I've missed that strong baritone voice.
I kept mute.
"Hello..." He repeated
"Can you hear me"?
" Yes " I answered grudgingly. I bet he could feel the harshness in my tone.
"How are you"? He asked quietly. There was this note of hurt in his voice.
" Fine" I answered.
"I got your message yesterday. I was tied down at work... Got home very late that was why I couldn't confirm on time. Well, I found your black pant. You should come pick it up".
The last statement came with a chuckle. I held back myself from laughing at his sarcasm. We both knew I didn't leave anything in his house so why is he playing this game with me? Anyways, I wasn't playing this childish game with him.
" Burn it" I said angrily.
He started laughing.
"What's funny"? I asked
"You are funny" he answered
"Mtcheeeewwwww" I hissed.
"Come over to the house and pick your  black pant" he continued.
Why did he keep stressing on the "black pant"? He obviously knew what I tried to do. Fine, I give up!
" Don't worry about it.  I'm not coming... Thanks for calling. Bye" I tried to hang up
"Hold on..., errmm, well I think you should return my spare keys then, abi don't you think so?" I could still hear a note of sarcasm in that question.
" Okay, i will" I said.
*OK bye''. He hung up.

And so that was how I found myself infront of Mike's door the following day returning his " spare keys ". As I waited for an answer to the door bell, I couldn't but question my action... " Am I really here to return those keys "?


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