Diary of a single Ibo girl part 12

As we drove in silence, echoes of his last statement flooded my thoughts. What does he really mean by that? I don't support cohabitation before marriage and he's here telling me "move in with me"...

" Baby, you are not saying anything ". He said, bringing me back to reality. We had gotten to his house by now, but still in the car.
I turned and looked at him and the only thing I could think of was slapping him so hard. Without saying a word, I opened the door and got down. As soon as I got inside the house, I immediately made for the bedroom to pick up all of my stuffs. I was leaving him... For good. I had made up my mind and nothing was about to change that.

Mike was standing at the door, with hands akimbo watching me helplessly as I searched frantically for all of my stuffs, hoping to leave nothing behind.
"Nky, you don't have to do this. I really am so sorry. Please stop it because you're working me up already" He called me by my first native name. He sounded teary. Somehow, I was tempted to look at him in the eyes but I knew if I did, that would be the end of my "stunt". Well, it wasn't actually a stunt per se. I just needed a whole lot of space to myself.

I was done. I made for the door but he "blocked" me.
"Move please" I had said calmly, still trying to avoid his gaze.
"You know you are just being wicked and inconsiderate" he said.
"Bro, move please". I repeated. He chuckled.
" Me bro"? He asked. His voice was shaky at this point.
"Baby na, please stop all these, please I beg you. Don't leave. Just tell me what to do to make this right."
"Get lost" I muttered, my heart pounding heavily.
"What did you say"? He asked
" GET LOST"!!! I was almost shouting. Then I couldn't hold it any longer. I let the tears flow freely. I was hurt! I was scared! I was angry! And I was still in LOVE with him!!!

Then I cried... I cried like a baby. I shivered. He came close and held me tightly.
"Hey hey hey, it's fine now. This will never happen again. I love you. Shhhh..."
I hit him. I kept hitting him. I cried and hit him. He still held me tight. Then I hit him so hard that he loosened his grip. I pushed him and stormed out of the house. He didn't come after me.

I was gone... For good... Or not.


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