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Diary of a single Ibo girl part 13

It's been three days I left Mike's house and it felt like eternity not hearing from him. I kept checking my phone for his calls or SMS... No word from him. I was beginning to lose it. On the fourth day, I decided to call. The phone rang twice and then my gut failed me... I hung up. He didn't call back. Kai! I was going crazy. Then I decided to take the easier option... Send a text message. Without any formality, I typed the message "Hi, please I think I forgot a black pant in your house... Check to confirm. Thanks". Pronto! The message was sent and delivered within seconds. Obviously, these are the kind of messages network providers deliver with immediate effect. Knowing fully well that I didn't forget any pant there, I waited patiently for a reply. Every now and then I kept checking my phone... Nothing. Seconds turned into minutes. Minutes into hours... Still no response. I had never felt this anxious for a common response before. Hmmm... I went to bed h

10 kinds of a typical lady's man"

These kind of men might be the reason why it is difficult for ladies to settle down. 1. The handsome one: Usually has empty brains. Most of them are gigolos. 2. The Brilliant one: Always too serious and mostly boring. 3. The hardworking one: Rarely has time for you. 4. The Rich one: Usually disrespectful. 5. The Committed one: His ex keeps calling. 6. The Humble one: Mostly broke. 7. The Responsible one: Usually not romantic. 9. The Educated one: Always feels he's right 10. The Smart one: He lies every time. Lastly, the rich, handsome, educated, humble and responsible ones are already Taken! True or false?

How to get your ex back via social media

1. Don't unfriend ur ex. You need to prepare your own table before him/her. 2. Pictures are important. Take beautiful pictures that depict a lot of positive energy and happiness. Travel to beautiful places and take pictures. Note that the amount of pictures you post on Facebook can make stalking you time consuming and boring. So try to keep it low. 3. The idea is to get him/her hooked to your profile. So update your profile with stuffs you've achieved so far. Publish amazing posts and videos. 4. Jealousy can be effective. Hang out with a cute, classy male/female friend and take pictures. Put the location of a place your ex had always wanted to go and tag a friend you were with there. Make sure there are pictures to confirm. #winks# 5. Be that girlfriend that your ex boyfriend"s new girlfriend constantly checks out on social media. PS: Do not EVER tag your ex to any of your posts. Pretend they don't exist. If he/she is a social media person, they will see all of y

Guides to handling a break up

Break ups can be very hard to handle. You will think you are never going to find anyone else. You are gonna cry yourself to sleep multiple times. But you have to go through the pain before you have the strength to see the sunshine. Below are some tips to handle post break up syndrome. 1. Cry: Just let it out. Cry as much as you want. Cry! Cry!! Cry!!!. Sniff! Cry again. You can take a whole day to cry. You'd be amazed how much better you'd feel. 2. Do not rebound: This is where most of you get it all wrong. Most people think getting over a failed relationship means getting into the next available one immediately. Until you are comfortable alone, you will never know if you are choosing someone out of love or loneliness. One of the dangers of rebounding is getting used and heartbroken again! Take your time. 3. Detox: Don't worry about being friends just yet. Get rid of keepsakes like his/her pictures, text messages or any sort of reminders. Leave the ex out of your life

Weird things that can actually attract a guy

1. Confidence: That stride and the look on your face when you walk into a room full of guys are what attract you to that guy. 2. Bad dance steps: This is top secret but believe me when I say there's something adorable about a girl who can't dance. A lot of men find it attractive. But don't try to fake it. 3. Short girls: Guys love short girls, especially when they have to help you reach out for something. 4. Be natural: It works like magic when you go all natural. No make up, no lashes, hair pulled backwards... You'd be surprised how attractive he'd find you. 5. Eat: Girls that are scared to eat especially in front of a guy can be turn offs for some guys. 6. Wear his clothes: Easy to put on, easy to take off. 7. Get jealous: Not overly jealous though but just enough to make him feel manly and needed. 8. Be comfortable: When you fart and don't try to hide it but instead you laugh over it. While some men will find this attractive, others will find it disgus

Diary of a single Ibo girl part 12

As we drove in silence, echoes of his last statement flooded my thoughts. What does he really mean by that? I don't support cohabitation before marriage and he's here telling me "move in with me"... " Baby, you are not saying anything ". He said, bringing me back to reality. We had gotten to his house by now, but still in the car. I turned and looked at him and the only thing I could think of was slapping him so hard. Without saying a word, I opened the door and got down. As soon as I got inside the house, I immediately made for the bedroom to pick up all of my stuffs. I was leaving him... For good. I had made up my mind and nothing was about to change that. Mike was standing at the door, with hands akimbo watching me helplessly as I searched frantically for all of my stuffs, hoping to leave nothing behind. "Nky, you don't have to do this. I really am so sorry. Please stop it because you're working me up already" He called me by my firs