Tips: When going on a date

Eat very well before stepping out of the house. Don't think a date is an opportunity to break a fast. Try eating very well from the house so you don't go out ordering all the menu, thereby eating away your food for thought.

A date must not be in a restaurant. There are nice places to hang out and talk. There are game houses, a cool garden, a cinema( I know of someone that likes the Cinema so much because of the popcorn... funny! makes me wonder if people cannot buy popcorn and eat in their houses while watching a movie). Just make it about the both of you.

Always go out with some money. Whether the guy is coming to pick you up or not, always go out on a date with enough money to take care of you. You never know what could go wrong.

Offer to pay for the food. This shows that you can take care of yourself. It's just a nice gesture that can be accepted by the guy or not. Trust me, you have nothing to lose.

Be yourself. Don't order for a food you are not familiar with. If you feel like eating eba, please by all means, order for eba. There is no need ''forming''.

Keep it simple. Let your dress sense be as simple and classy as possible. It's neither a fashion parade nor an award night.

Don't look too serious. Be cheerful. Have a positive energy. Have healthy discussions. Have a great sense of humor and he would look forward to a second date.

Your phone shouldn't get all of your attention. Most girls have the habit of chatting all through a date. Whether you are enjoying your date or not, please try and be polite. Nobody forced you. There mustn't be a second date. Just be patient. It doesn't last more than some hours.

Always send a ''Thank you" message after having a great date. It shows you have a sense of appreciation.


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