Ladies: Stop doing these!!

1. Having eye lashes for months. Some girls fix lashes long enough to hang their panties. But the most annoying part is wear these lashes for weeks, running into months. This becomes an eye sore. 90 percent of girls that wear lashes don't wash their faces when taking their bath. They think facial wipes do the magic. And yet they complain about pimples.

2. Dirty undies. The dirtiest items you'll find in a girl's closet are braziers and hair nets. It usually takes months for some girls to change their bras... And more months to wash their hair nets. That's why they usually go for black colours.

3. Making silly exclamatory remarks. A guy compliments a girl "wow, you look so beautiful today" and you'll hear remarks like "awwww, like seriously"?  " are you serious"? "As in", " like duh", "Oh my Gosh".
I mean what's all these?.

4. Giving green lights. You know you don't have personal interest towards a guy but you keep giving him wrong signals by call him "boo"... " hey boo, shebi you don't want to take me out"? "Sweetie, why don't you call me anymore... I've missed you o". You know guys take comments like these serious, yet you keep toying with their emotions. It's not nice. You can be friendly with a guy without compromising. 

5. Wasting food on dates. If you are actually not hungry, you could go for lighter meals like snacks instead of ordering for a plate of rice with chicken and salad, only to eat a quarter out of it. Is that supposed to be some kind of swag? Yet, some of you will still order for " take away". 

You better change o.


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