Diary of a single Ibo girl part3

I didn't know if I should fume in anger or smile for joy but somehow I felt some relief that he was finally paying for the food.
"Thank you", I managed to mutter.
"For what"?, he asked nonchalantly. His eyes still fixed on the piece of chicken he was eating.
What's wrong with this one sef? What's with the attitude? He should just park well jare. I thought to myself.
" Anyways, thanks for the food. I appreciate but I have to run now". I continued.
"Run to where? Who's pursuing you"? He asked, smiling sheepishly. I could feel the tone of sarcasm in his voice.
"I will be your chauffeur for the rest of the day..." He continued.
"That's if you wouldn't mind". He chipped in immediately, raising his eyebrows and winking at me.
Oh lawd! That wink! The way his lips curves anytime he smiles just makes me want to punch him on his fine face. Yes! Punch him! Hell no! I wouldn't kiss him.
" OK, I don't mind" I replied, smiling, amidst myself.
"So, where's Pearl from"?, he asked. This time we were already in his car. A clean black Lexus Jeep.
" I'm from Abia State " I replied.
"Aha! I knew it. It's only an Ibo girl that can be this beautiful" He teased.
This guy get mouth sha. Felt like he was flirting with me already. Well, I liked the feeling.
We talked all through the drive. I got to know he's from Anambra State but his mum is an Ethiopian. No wonder he looks like one of them. He's the first and only son of 3 children. He manages one of the family businesses. And he's very much single. Why do I feel excited that he's very much single? It's not like I like him sef.
" Are you single"?, he asked
Ha! Finally! Thank God. I thought to myself. I was beginning to think he would never ask me.
"I'm single", I answered. Keeping a straight face and predicting his next question. And just like I had predicted, he continued;
"And why is that"?
I don't understand these guys o. So somebody cannot be single and enjoy this singleness in Peace?
"Well, sometimes people just choose to be single so they can sleep well at night knowing that nobody is cheating on them" I replied, defensively.
That got him laughing so hard...

To be continued.


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