Diary of a single Ibo girl part 9.

As I tried explaining to Mike, he shoved me off rudely and angrily walked away, as stranger looked on in shock.
"Is he okay"? Stranger asked.
If I slap you eh. How could you ask if my boyfriend was okay?
" Yes, he is... He's just having a bad day", I replied defensively.
As I walked back to meet Mike at the point of payment, I kept wondering what could have prompted such arrogance from him.
We made payments and left.

As we drove back home, we barely exchanged two words to each other. The silence was killing me. I kept stealing glances at him. His expression was "stone cold". His eyes a little bit red, his lips tucked in like he wanted to remain mute forever. In as much as his expression was supposed to terrify me, I couldn't help laughing out loud. I laughed so hard, he turned and looked at me
" Is something funny"? He asked angrily
"Yes o!", I replied, amidst some more laughter.
" Your expression is funny..." I continued, tapping him on his shoulder lightly.
He shrugged off my hand. And we went back to being quiet.

And then my stomach made some funny noise and I realised I hadn't eaten all day. I was hungry. I needed real cooked food, not snacks.
"Boo boo, I'm hungry o" I said.
He kept quiet.
I repeated myself twice.
"Take some snacks" he finally said.
I told him I wanted cooked food and not snacks. He didn't say a word again.

The rest of the drive home was done in silence. I kept wondering what I had actually done wrong. Does it mean I can't relate with other male folks because of him? Hian! Kolowerk o.

We got home and he stepped out of the car. I sat inside hoping he would come open the car for me as usual... Hehehehe. My guy just walked inside leaving me inside. I smiled and opened the door. Thank God I wasn't too hungry and tired for that.
I walked into the house majestically hungry. He was just standing in front of the TV. I crawled up to him and gently held him from behind.
"Nna, ogini kwanu (what's the problem)"? I asked softly. I was already getting drained from the silent treatment... Plus I was hungry.
He turned, facing me squarely, and  blurted out
" So you now go about flirting with every Tom, Dick and Harry, abi"?
"Fear no even catch you sef, you were just opening teeth with the guy like you've known him all your life..." He continued. The "fear no even catch you" statement cracked me up and I started laughing. Oyibo don speak pidgin. I muttered. He pushed me roughly and walked into the kitchen. I followed him immediately.

This guy has not really said what his problem is sef. My own problem at this moment is to eat. I thought to myself.
"Baby, please help me fix noodles, I'm so hungry and tired" I pleaded. He usually cooks for me without me having to ask, especially when I'm sick or tired. At this point I was feeling sick.
He hissed and tried walking out of the kitchen but then I blocked him. This guy should know I don't joke with my hungry nature.
"What's this"? He asked
" My friend, shift let me pass jor" he cursed as he tried to make his way...


  1. Very interesting diary, these sequels could make a good book, not jst a book bt also a books that can be Presented to a sweetheart on a special day


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