Diary of a single Ibo girl part 8

Mike finally asked me to be his girlfriend.
The next three months into the relationship were pure bliss! Oh lawd! I felt like I was on top the world. We were seen everywhere. The affections were publicly displayed. Everything was too good to be true. Yay! My fantasy has finally become a reality.

I met a couple of his friends and colleagues.
"Meet my woman...", he would always introduce me. Even though I hated being referred to as "my woman", I soon fell in love with the title.
Mike was always buying me gifts. We were almost together every weekend. Friday nights were always movie nights. We usually stayed indoors all Saturday... Playing indoor games like scrabble, PS, Tennis... Yes! Tennis. He had to create a tennis court in his compound because of me. And we still went to church together.
He lives alone in a five bedroom tastsfully furnished duplex. I've never seen a more beautiful apartment before. Everything about this guy oozed of " Class".  He had on few occassions asked me to move in with him. I usually laughed such silly remarks off.  He was the perfect gentleman... Or so I thought.

It was another weekend, and we had gone out to get some groceries as usual. While on it, I felt someone staring at me. I turned and saw some guy checking me out. He smiled at me. I smiled back. Then he walked closer to me. That was when I realized Mike wasn't with me. He probably had walked over to the other side of the store.
"Sorry if I startled you but I might need your help with something..." Stranger said. 
It happened that he needed my opinion on what to get for his female colleague, as today was her birthday. After much ado, I suggested a nice perfume and probably a bottle of red wine. He seemed really grateful... And wanted to "chat" more but at that point Mike walked towards me. The expression on his face was scary.
"Is there a problem here"?, he asked, referring to no one in particular. Then he turned to me, fixing his gaze questionably on me. I could tell he was boiling inside with rage.
Ha! So I can't talk to people again? I thought to myself.
" No, there's no problem" I said
"He just wanted me to help him get..." Before I could finish explaining, what followed really shocked me!...

To be continued.


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