Diary of a single Ibo girl part 7.

Everything was happening too fast. I realized I had stopped breathing for a minute.
"Let's go home" I whispered, as I tried to avoid his eyes.
"Okay..." He replied huskily.
We drove in silence, except for the Steve Crown's "You are great" song that played. He made for my hand but instinctively, I shoved his hand off. What's wrong with me? Why am I angry? I asked myself.
We got to my house and the car came to a stop.
"Have I done something wrong" he asked weakly.
I didn't answer, still avoiding his gaze.
"Baby, can you please look at me"? He asked.
I looked at him and my heart skipped. I could tell this guy really cares about me.
" No" I replied nonchalantly.
I opened the door and got down from the car. As I walked towards the house, I felt him looking at me. He was still seated in the car. Then I realized I neither said goodbye nor invited him into the house. I felt a little pang of guilt. Why giving him attitude? I stopped walking and looked at him. Awwww... He looked like a child begging to be let out of a dark room.
"Are you coming in... Or not"? I asked, enjoying every moment of his vulnerability.
He smiled and got down. We walked together to the house.
" Nice apartment " he complimented, once inside the house.
I smiled.
"Thank you... Please make yourself comfortable", I replied, as I made for the room. He held me back and drawing very close, he continued
" I'm sorry if I did something or said something wrong".
Those appealing eyes got to my heart.
Awwww boo boo, its not really you. You can never do anything wrong. I actually have an attitude problem. I wanted to tell him that but instead I just replied
"It's OK", tapping him softly on his shoulders and walked into the room. I just needed to be alone for a few minutes to figure out if what I felt in my stomach were hookworms or butterflies.
I didn't plan to fall in love... Just yet. Yes! I plan for everything. My last relationship gave me too much lessons, even though I was over it... I had guarded my heart so much that I got addicted to being single. I enjoyed this profound peace with myself. Now somebody is giving me worms... Or butterflies!
My phone chimed. It was a message that read;
"You are so beautiful... You don't need touch ups for our date. I'm still waiting though"
What a way to remind me of our date! I had almost forgotten about that. Wait! Is he teasing me? Who told him I was doing touch ups for a date?
Oh no! I can't afford to be with this guy for the next few hours. He gives me chills. He should just kill me already! Quickly, I replied his message.
"Lol... Sorry dear, I ll be up in a minute. Errrmmm, what should I wear"?.
A minute later, he sent a reply
" Wear that smile of yours..."
Wow! This guy is good! Smooth talker!! Amidst myself, I couldn't stop smiling. Infact, this guy should come and start going! Hahaha.
I quickly dressed up for the date. A simple, fitted black gown that brought out my curves and a beautiful pair of red stiletto, with balanced heels and Ofcourse...  A smile, were all I needed to go meet my prince charming in the sitting room.
Ooops! I didn't even offer him something...


  1. Quite intense.... I like him(Mike)

  2. You got me wanting more (of every piece of the story). Please part 8


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