Diary of a single Ibo girl part 6

As he walked majestically towards me, I couldn't help but wonder how a fine creature like this can be so single. Is he a player? What is he really? So many questions kept popping up at the same time. I managed to shove those thoughts away as he approached me.
''Welcome to church... God bless you'', I muttered softly, smiling shyly as I ushered him onto his seat. In as much as I tried to avoid his gaze, I caught him smiling and... OH MY God!!! Did he just wink at me again?
''Precious Lord, Take my hands, 
Lead me on, Let me stand...''
As I sang this song in my head, I could feel my feet go weak. This guy already has such a great hold on me and I didn't even realize that until now.
All through the service, I could tell I was battling between the flesh and spirit. We kept stealing glances at each other. I could feel the admiration in his eyes, and then this mischievous smile on his face that made his lips curve sexily. Finally, the Grace was said and the Service came to an end.
After the usual pleasantries that come with the end of every church service, I finally went outside to look for Mike. He was standing in the car parking lot, his back leaned on a grey colored Honda Civic. As I walked towards him, he couldn't stop staring and smiling at me; I almost missed my steps.
''Hello...'' I greeted. My head slightly bowed as I tried to avoid his eyes. He laughed, pulling me a little bit closer and pulling my face up, so that I was now staring into his eyes. Damn! he has brown eyes! This wahala is just too much for me to handle.
''Hello sister, Bless you'' he replied sarcastically, amidst laughter from the both of us
''You look extremely beautiful and ravishing... the angels must be jealous'' he continued. I was ''blushing'' heavily by now. 
'' Home yet''? he asked as he made to open the door for me. This was when I realized I had lost my voice because I tried saying something but I couldn't find my voice. I managed to nod. He opened the door for me and I got in. Immediately he got into the car, he pulled me close to him and... God! He was kissing me. It was spontaneous and passionate; like he was letting all his emotions out.
I remained stiff in shock! This is really happening! My heart beating so fast, and I shuddered. Abruptly, he stopped! His face was very close. He was too close I felt choked. His eyes fixed intently at me and he whispered softly on my lips;
"Are you okay"?
Awwwwww, his strawberry breathe filled me in. The curves of his lips gave me an impulse and without responding, shoving all my thoughts to the Booth of the car, I kissed him back. He responded almost immediately. This time, it was slow and... Oh! No! I stopped. He held my hands tightly, as if I was going to run away from him. Breathing heavily, he stared into my eyes and said softly;
"Even the angels are in love with you..."
Did he just say that! Does it mean he is in love with me already? No, no, no... I'm not ready for such commitment. Or am I just too scared of falling deeply and not letting go?
Everything was just happening too...

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  1. This Mike dey you strong thing oo, lol

  2. Mmmmm. I can only imagine all these attributes and also the charming charisma of Mike... sounds like one of those perfect dude in a fairy tale... this story is so interesting... bt funny it is, Mike and this single ibo girl. wouldn't stay together as lovers at the end of the story, something must definatly go wrong.


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