Diary of a single Ibo girl part 5.

"Good evening" I replied, grinning from ear to ear.
"Evening love, sorry I didn't call earlier... I was a bit caught up with something. I had to attend an official meeting...", he continued.
We spoke for a few minutes. He told me how he couldn't stop thinking about me and how much he loved my smiles... Blah blah. Then finally...
" What will you be doing tomorrow?" He asked.
Oooops! Tomorrow? Tomorrow is Sunday... Usually a very busy day for me considering the fact that I'm a worker in Church. Yes! I'm a radical Christian. And tomorrow is Thanksgiving Service. What to do now? Should I invite him to church? Is it too early?
"Errrm, I will be a little bit busy in church tomorrow" I said... "But I should be done b4 4pm" I had continued.
"You know what? Why not invite me to your church... Then we can go out afterwards"?
Wow! He isn't taking chances o. I was so excited. I'm not just going to be winning a soul for God... I'm going to be winning me some love.
We talked for a few more minutes and we scheduled for tomorrow's service. He hung up after blowing me a kiss. Wait! Do I feel butterflies in my stomach? Those better be worms o. At least I can take worm tablets to purge them out.
That night I prayed for strength to give this one a chance. I prayed a lot more for him.
Before I slept off, I received a goodnight message from him and I bet, I slept with a smile on my face. It's been years I felt this way. Its long overdue jare.
The next morning, I was searching through my box for something to wear. What could be simple, classy, godly and sexy to wear to the house of God? Yay! I got the perfect gown! As an Usher, we are supposed to always dress smart and look beautiful. But this time, I'm going to add a little " sexy" to this outfit. I need to usher in my Ethiopian king in grand style. Even as I usher him into the house of the lord, I'm also ushering him into my life...
I could tell I was looking extremely gorgeous because as I walked into the church, I could feel all eyes on me.
"Hello dearie, good morning" I heard a male voice greet me. I turned to see Brother James shining his almost 42 teeth, walking towards me. I wonder how a human being could have so much teeth in one mouth.
No! Not now, brother James, I thought to myself.
"Hey, morning James", I managed to smile, thereby hiding my displeasure.
" Wow! You look elegantly beautiful this morning" he continued...
"Thank you". I replied, faking a bow.
This guy should just allow me arrange myself before Mike gets here, abeg. I need to position myself at the centre of the church so I can Usher in my prince charming and plant him where I can easily monitor him before Sis Grace beat me to it.
Sister Grace is the Chief usher and she usually stands at the center of the church but today, she will be disGraced.
After few minutes of pleasantries with the teethed James, I was able to sneak out on him and made it inside the church, finally taking my position at the centre! Praise the Lord!!!
Now the Service can start. Lord, I am ready for you. Use me! I muttered a quick prayer.
People had started trooping into the church.
" Welcome to church... God bless you" I greeted, as I ushered people to their seats. I had reserved a seat directly beside me for Mike. What's keeping him na? He should come and take this seat before somebody else does.
I kept welcoming members, even as my eyes kept searching for my "soul".
Finally! Oh Lord Jesus! What a sight to behold!
I could feel all eyes on him. Dressed in a fitted blue coloured suit, his complexion glittering like never before. My tall, extremely handsome Ethiopian king walked in. Wait! Did I hear someone call himself a " Classic" man? Jide should swerve!
Mike is a definition of "Classic"...For a minute, I was stuck in my position. I bet I was drooling...

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  1. Wow! Just short of words. Can someone read my mind? Hmmmm. Okay, first the choice of words were perfect and please let Grace and definition of classic not meet o! It's an awesome piece


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