Diary of a single Ibo girl part 4.

I was mostly quiet throughout the rest of the drive home. I was beginning to like this dude very much already. I need to raise his curiosity more because he was becoming too comfortable with me. I didn't like it. Don't give them commitment ; it gives them satisfaction... give them hope, it keeps them wanting and waiting. That was my intention.
"You are unusually quiet". He said, jolting me off my thoughts.
"My head aches a bit", I replied, feigning a weak smile.
" We should get you some drugs then", he said. His eyes probably searching for the nearest pharmacy.
Hmmm, this guy should just calm down there o. Who takes drugs for a slight headache? Certainly not me.
"No, no dear, I will be fine", I said, tapping his back. As if he had been waiting for that little gesture of tapping his back, he immediately held my hand and stroked it gently. Mr. Romantic should better hold that steering with two hands o. Me I don't want to hear stories that touch...
We were now very close to my house. I pointed at the direction of where he would drop me off and the car came to a halt.
" Thank you very much", I said, smiling like I just won a lottery, and making for the door. Suddenly, he held me back. My gaze meeting his full gaze. Chei! Which kind wahala be this na?
"You still haven't given me your number". He said softly.
He sounded more like a child asking for chocolate. Then I realized I was trying so hard to run away from this Ethiopian king. How can one person be this handsome, rich,  nice, clean, intelligent, funny and single? Or am I concluding too soon? Father, into your hands I commit my emotions. I muttered a quick prayer.
" Oh! I can still have yours" I insisted. He smiled.
"OK then... Zero eight zero...", he continued.
I took the number and muttered a " thank you"
"Can you please dial the number so I can confirm I gave you the right one, because I'm not really sure" he said, smiling mischievously. Amidst myself, I laughed at his humour. So he doesn't want to take any chances? Hmmm, that's a good sign. I dialed the number and he got mine. Sharp guy!
As I walked into the house, I kept smiling like a roasted goat. What's wrong with me sef? Have I not seen a fine boy before? Na wa o. I couldn't stop thinking about Mike. I've never thought about someone this much.
It's exactly 4hours and he hasn't called. Really? See me anticipating a call like my life depended on it. This guy must have used some kind of juju on me. Me I wasn't going to call him o. After all, he insisted I gave him my number also, so he should do the needful.
Father, please let this guy call. Let him not go on WhatsApp and say "hey baby". Lord, please let me not get tired of this one. Let this one be different. As I kept praying, my phone started ringing. Oh! Blessed Jesus, thank you for a quick response!
As I made for my phone and thanking God for answered prayers... Oh what the hell!!! Why is 4040 calling me? MTN! Why have you decided to kill my joy too soon? MTN! In what way have I wronged you? MTN! When did we start dating that you'll call me in the morning to check on me and at night to sing a lullaby for me? Oh! MTN!... Honestly, I really felt like crying. I allowed my phone to ring to it's satisfaction.
Mike should just call sef, so I can rest... Oh, Whatever... Let him park well jare. He's probably having fun wherever.
Thirty minutes later, my phone started ringing... Yes! This is it! But this number is strange. It could be his other number. Maybe he doesn't have airtime in the other line. Why am I assuming for him?
" Hello" I answered.
"Madam...", I heard a male voice from the other end. I know most of my " toasters" call me Madam.
"Who's this"? I asked rudely. I just wasn't in the mood to sound polite or talk to anyone else, other than Mike.
"Ehen, so you've deleted my number... Stubborn girl", he continued from the other end. It took me a great deal of Grace not to hang up on this rude intruder.
" Abeg, na who be this" I blurted out, switching over to pidgin language immediately. I was fuming now...For what really? Shebi, its because of  magic Mike. OK now.
"Calm down jor, your blood too dey hot", he said.
"Where you dey..." As he continued, my phone beeped, signalling a call waiting. Oh! Mike!!!!
Immediately, I put unknown caller on hold, switching the call ASAP! Sorry dude...My poison was calling.
"Hello", I answered, trying to sound as nonchalant as possible.
" Hello Gorgeous", Mike replied, his strong  baritone voice filling my sense of reasoning...

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  1. Epic write up... would do some predictions on this story after part 5


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