Diary of a single Ibo girl part 2.

He kept licking his lips and rubbing his palms. And with a broad smile that exposed a perfect set of sparkling white teeth, he answered;
"Well, Let me have same thing you're having".
What??!! He actually made a request o. So somebody cannot play with cute boy again.
He got his order and immediately he started pouncing on the food like he just made it out of a famine season. At that point, I had stopped eating. I just couldn't stop looking at this cute, hungry creature. Oh! What a pleasant sight to watch a handsome guy eat this hungrily!
He noticed my amusement and shyly he spoke softly;
" My name is Mike... And you are..."'?
'" Pearl ", I answered.
" Pleasure meeting you, Pearl", he said.
"The feeling is mutual". I replied, while staring intently at him.
This time he had a coy smile that I really wanted to slap off, on his face.
" Pearl, why do you have this amused expression on your face"?, he continued.
Hia! Is this yellow pawpaw trying to sound sarcastic or doesn't he know he was supposed to reject my offer of buying him food?
"What expression, please"? I asked, managing to sound polite and faking a cute smile ( Yes! I still have the cutest smile even when it's fake. You just need a spirit of discernment to know when it's real or not... Lol).
Ignoring the question, he continued;
" Never mind... So where's Pearl from and what does she do"?
Na wa o. On top my own food, you are still asking me all these plenty questions. Now I was beginning to act uneasy and weird.
"You know what, Mike, I have somewhere to be but it was really nice meeting you''. I said, as I signalled the waiter for my bill. I actually had somewhere I needed to go to but I still had time.
" OK then. Can I at least have your number"? He asked.
"Let me have yours, I'll call" I replied, still faking my smile.
At this point, the waiter had come but without the bill. While standing and smiling like he wanted to take another order, I looked at him questionably, then he said;
"Ma, you called for my attention"
" My bill, please". I said. I had already calculated the amount in my head. I usually come to eat here when I have a good sum of money, but really, I didn't budget for two.
" Oh! Mr. Mike asked to put it on his tab... He's a regular customer. He's taking care of the bills. Would you like something else, ma"? Asked the waiter.
With a somewhat shocked expression, I had turned to look at "Mr. Mike" ( no more cute boy... Obi is now a man). He was just munching on his chicken as if he didn't notice the drama going on...

To be continued...

Read part1 here;


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