Diary of a single Ibo girl Part 11

I woke up with a nagging headache. The more I tried to open my eyes, the more my head ached. Then the strong smell of drugs filled my nostrils. Where am I? I asked myself. I finally managed to open my eyes, and as I struggled to sit up, I felt a firm but gentle arm trying to pull me back to the bed. Then I saw it... A drip! Yeparipa!!! I'm on drip! How I fear that shit!!! What on earth am I doing on a hospital bed?
"What's happening?" I asked no one in particular.
"How did I manage to be here"?
Then he spoke.
" Baby, please can you just relax a bit"?
"You are in the hospital... You passed out".

Holy shit! The slap!!! Everything started coming back to me. I looked at Mike. A little tear dropped from the tip of my eyes.
" My love, I'm so sorry", he said. I saw the plea in his eyes. He was teary at this point too. Kneeling beside me he continued;
"I swear on my life, this will never happen again"
Ofcourse! It will never happen again!!  I thought to myself. Who would give the chance for it to happen again? Certainly not me! I wouldn't even need a break up line.

I looked at the drip. It was still halfway. I shut my eyes tightly. Then I felt his arms on me again. I opened my eyes. He was crying. The tears flowed freely. I just kept staring at him.
"I'm so sorry baby..." He kept saying.
"I can't afford to lose you. You are my life... You are my everything. I'm such a fool for hitting you"
In all, my mind was already made up.
I turned and saw flowers... And food!! Oh! He even had time to buy flowers and food for me? Just how long have I been unconscious?

"You should eat something now" he said, getting up and reaching out for the food. He managed to get me to sit up. And gently stroking my face, he moved closer and planted a soft kiss on my lips.
Hmmm, Mr. Romantic should just open this food let me eat. My mind was already made up. He should stop acting "Telemundo" for me.

He started feeding me a deliciously prepared jollof rice, garnished with vegetable salad and gizzard. Yummy!!!
After eating to my fill, I muttered a "thank you". He never left my bedside until I was finally discharged. He met with the doctor and finalized the discharge procedures. I later learned they had carried out series of tests on me and found out I had malaria.

He walked me to the car, holding me gently by the waist like a woman that just gave birth. And as usual, he opened the car for me and I got in.
Once in the car, he held me and I shrugged his hands off roughly.
" Leave me alone o. Shebi, after slapping me, you want to form "lovey dovey" with me, abi?" I lamented childishly.
"Baby na, stop please. I swear, I didn't mean to. I'm truly sorry. Biko nu" he sounded really apologetic. I noticed him trying to suppress some kind of laughter even as he tried to tease me.
If this guy mistakenly laughs at me, I'll slap him back!
"But boo boo, you have malaria o. Although I was really hoping it would be something else" he said.
"Something else like what?" I had managed to ask.
And looking at me with those fiery eyes, and stroking my face lovingly, he whispered
"Move in with me, please".
I felt the emotion... And somehow, I felt my heart beating faster than normal.
Father please, help me. I prayed silently...

To be continued.


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