Diary of a single Ibo girl part 10.

As he struggled to push me out of the way, I kept holding on tight. He finally did and walked out. I ran after him and held him on his trousers...
"You'll kill me today o" I yelled. I was already bursting with emotions. The tears just needed some kind of "motivation" to flow out. I needed to cry. Truly, a hungry man is an angry man.
"Infact, come and beat me already... Since you've refused to talk to me for the past 2hours" I kept nagging, and pushing him.
Then he chuckled.
"Eeehhh... You are looking for someone to kill you" he lamented.
... Please leave me alone" he continued.

By this time, I was getting really aggressive. I kept pushing and hitting him. I knew I was being childish and silly but I just couldn't stop. I needed him to pet me at least. Then Gbam!!!

The slap came like a recycled thunder. It was the kind of slap that usually came with free delivery nationwide. I felt "virtue" leaving my body. Then there was this tiny sound in my ear; "nwhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii", like that of a mosquito's.

I felt my feet leaving my body. My eyes were open but I couldn't see anything... Just shadows. I was saying something but I couldn't hear myself. Then I saw him; I saw Mike. He was trying to hold me... Or something. He was saying something like
" Baby... Plea... Ba... By... B...a...b...y..."
Then I passed out. I had lost the battle...

To be continued.

P.S: passing out is actually one of my ways of expressing shock.


  1. Just like Oliver twist, Peace I will keep wanting some more.
    What a wonderful piece of literature... Your Knowing when, where and how to use words is just so cool.


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