8 definitive ways men lie.

There's this belief that men lie more than women, but women lie better. A man is believed to lie 6 times more than a woman. An average man can tell lies like "I was with James... Oh! You can call him and ask", " What? You think I'm lying"? All in one sentence, whereas he's been with some other woman. But a woman will just tell a lie like "I'm pregnant and it's yours", and that's all.

But men can tell so many lies and lie about those same lies. I really hate it when they go with this line "do you think I'm lying"? When they are actually lying!. I mean, how can someone tell so many lies and not feel bad about it?!

Well, I've listed out 8 definitive ways men lie.
1. He can't look in the eyes when he lies.

2. He looks straight into your eyes and soul and lies!

3. He mutters when he lies.

4. He speaks loud and clear so the lies can register in your head.

5. His head hangs down like someone feeling guilty about lying.

6. He holds his head high like he doesn't feel guilty about lying.

7. He smiles and becomes playful when lying.

8. He frowns and becomes aggressive when lying.

Well, ladies do not allow yourself to react by punching him in the face when he lies. Instead, step back, take three deep breaths and remind yourself you are in control. Then step forward, let out three deep breaths and... PUNCH him in the face!

That way, they won't expect it and you'll be more accurate.
Oh! Don't thank me... What are sisters for?


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