SITUATIONSHIPS: Hilarious questions and answers

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Question 1: Why do guys just disappear or Ghost instead of talking to girl when they are not interested anymore?
Answer: Men like every other living creature panic. They know they messed up, so they come up with a way to make you hate them by not communicating. That way, you initialize the breakup and they don't get to feel bad. I guess it's easier to not have that ''this is not going to work'' conversation.

Question 2: Who lie more? Men or Women?
Answer: Men lie more hands down but women lie better. A man on average will lie 10 times in one sentence. When he's caught, she will just be doing her mouth like she's licking buttermint.
A woman on the other hand, will tell one good lie served with chilled beer.

Question 3: Why do most cute guys act like assholes to women?
Answer: Most fine guys always agree that they are fine and so they believe they have the right to misbehave. it's always been that way and will always be. They suffer from a disease know as ''DAMNITIMBEAUTIFULIA''. You should show them pity.

Question 4: Why do women take so much time to get ready and when they start being approached by sleazy men, they suddenly feel violated?
Answer: Here is a general rule for both men and women alike; Just because we look good in our clothing doesn't mean you need to point it out, especially if we barely know you. Most times women just want to look better than other women. It's not always about the men.

Credit: MANAGEng.

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