See why you should stop sending him/her your unclad pictures

Got this story from a friend and decided to share:
"A lady once told me of how the boyfriend took record of the sex they had. She said even though her face didn't show, she deleted it after the act. I laughed at her and said she wasn't smart. She didn't understand. So I told her there were other places the video might be at that moment. She doubted and I proved to her with my phone.
Some days later she revisited the boyfriend. Had access to his phone and went straight to what I showed her. Lo and Behold what she deleted was in another file that automatically duplicates your uploads when using a mobile data or WI-FI
That was how I saved her."
Well, I honestly don't understand the logic behind the requesting and sending of unclad pics. This obviously isn't a proof of love. It's actually disgusting. As much as you would want to feel sexy or close to your partner, sending unclad pictures is not one of the ways. A real man/woman that truely loves you, wouldn't put you in a compromising  position like that. Please stop sending your unclad pictures, whether with your face attached or not!
On a lighter notes, here are some hilarious responses you can give to any related topics;
Boy: Baby, what are you wearing?
Me: The full armour of God
Boy: I'm feeling cold
Me: Try and cover yourself with the blood of Jesus or better still drink tea
Boy: I'm hard at just the thought of you
Me: Go and wee
BOY: Are you wet?
Me: Yes because out of my belly shall flow rivers of the living waters
Girls should just stop entertaining these clowns that remember them only when they are horny. If you can't keep a secret, don't expect someone else to keep it for you. Anything that leaves your territory will be shared. The earlier you take note of this, the better.


  1. Wow... so true peace I concur

  2. Wow... so true peace I concur

  3. thankx for having our back. ur blog indeed is an eye opener. lol

  4. thankx for having our backs. ur blog indeed is an eye opener. lol

  5. This blog is the bomb!


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