See reasons she might not want to date you.

I have heard some girls say stuffs like " He seems like a really nice guy", " He's cute "... " but I can't date him". Most of you might think she's being choosy or pompous but like the saying goes..."this one good, this one good, na im  make mad man gather dirty keep". Everybody in one way or the other is selective. Different people with different choices.
These could be some of the reasons why you are not getting all of her attention:
1. You can't hold an intelligent, productive, challenging conversation for up to 10mins without looking into her eyes and telling her how much you want to kiss her lips.
2. You can't stop flinging your car key when you are in public with her.... probably on a first date... must everybody know you have a car? low self esteem!
3. You keep talking directly into her face with particles of spittle dropping here and there.
4. You always have sweat all over the armpit of your shirt... big boy, get an anti-perspirant!
5. You are always chewing gum... that's deceitful. Let her know your real mouth odour.
6.  You don't know when to stop talking. You always talk her into boredom.
7. She always predicts your next statement.... get creative!
8. You never say anything good about your ex girlfriends. Fix yourself.
9. You smoke like a chimney and drink like a fish.
10. You have tummy as big as your ego.
11. You know all the club houses, motels, hotels, bars, etc.
12. You start calling her "baby" immediately you get her phone number.
13. You are on Twitter, Skype,Instagram, BBM, Badoo, Whatsapp, Viber, IMO, Facebook. Just what exactly are you selling?
14. When u can't cook because you think a woman's place is in the kitchen....
15. You spend 30mins ironing a shirt but can't spend 2mins praying.
16. You spend 30mins in the bathroom but you still have eczema at the back of your ear.
17. You don't at least buy bread when you visit, but you eat all her food.
18. You are always "sagging''
19. You kiss and tell.
20. When she visits you, stepping on particles of sand in a tiled house, clothes littered everywhere, kitchen begging for attention, fridge stocked with Vodka and spoilt suya.... and then you ask her "what do I offer you"... Still trying to unzip her trousers. Guy, you are wicked!
Infact, Any guy that leaves his clothes soaked, dishes unwashed, his house unkempt but then takes care of his pubic areas all because his girlfriend is coming for the weekend, is wicked! That guy will leave you stranded!
But then;
Nobody is perfect...
Peace out!


  1. Funny... I like ��

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  3. true #100%nodouptaboutthis

  4. Enter your for thought. nice piece.

  5. Hehehehehe...I no fit laugh ooo


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