Reasons he is losing interest in you .

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Have you ever wondered why that guy is not into you anymore? I mean, you are a beautiful, well endowed chic but you are gradually losing that man of your dreams. He is definitely on to the next chic and you keep wondering what could be the problem with you.

Well, I have been opportuned to be around a lot of guys and share certain views on girls stuff with them. These could be some of the reasons why it is not working with him.
1. You are lazy in all ramifications.

2. You have nothing to offer. You are always taking from him. Making incessant requests, putting unnecessary pressures on the poor guy. Whereas you have nothing to offer, other than sex. Sex is supposed to be mutual! If you cannot wait till marriage, then you have to stop monetizing it, unless you are selling.

3. You eat too much. You eat to the extent of eating the crumbs under his table. Your tummy starts getting bigger than your bumbum. Then you start asking him for money to buy flat tummy tea or register in a gym. Truth is that a guy might see this act as a financial threat in the nearest future. It's ok to eat that much if you're buying the food yourself.

4. You are addicted to African Magic and Telemundo Networks. Thereby making you see your relationship as that ''make believe". That is why they usually don't want you around so they can watch their Sports Channel.

5. You are not creative. you have no skill whatsoever.

6. You nag over everything.

7. You don't give him space.

8. You always go through his phone.

9. You are not smart.

10. You are always chatting or receiving calls whenever you are with him. Are you a Customer Care Respresentative?

My dear ladies, please don't buy a selfie stick when your pubic areas need a shaving stick. All those ladies that are "nurturing their pubic hair, do you want to plait 'Bob Marley' with it? or grow Maize on them?. And all those 'white particles' that accompany the hair, are they "grey hairs''?. Yet you will still apply deodorant on achieve what? How much is shaving stick?  Leave selfie sticks and let's concentrate on this other stick. Stop scaring these guys away with your ''unhygienic'' behaviors..


  1. Hahahahha this got me rolling on the floor. Nice one

  2. For the girls who have ears... Let them hear.. Nice one dear


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