Letter to my unborn child.

Baby, I know you've long expected this from mummy. Wondering why its taking quite long to bring you here. I've got a few explanations for that and I promise to make them as simple as possible for you to understand.
You see, a lot of things have changed. This generation is going crazy... A lot of "daddies" are becoming babies, probably because we call them "baby". They are scared of commitment because they are getting what is supposed to be valued for free ( it will be a little bit complicated to explain that to you). Some are scared to do the "needful" because they don't wanna leave the "breastmilk" for you ( awwww baby, don't make that face... Some "mummies to be" give these "daddies to be" breast to suck). So many other crazy stuffs which I won't really tell u so u won't get scared... Lol.
But I assure you my love that I'm gonna get daddy pretty soon. He's gonna be almost perfect it would seem like a "lie". You know, some " daddies" that lack the qualities I'm looking for in your "daddy" think I might need some clay to mould him ( hahahaha... but too bad because I'm gonna get you that daddy that I want and I damn sure not gonna mould him because he exists). OK baby, let me give u a glimpse of his personality...
1. Your daddy is God fearing...( this quality keeps him from doing a lot of wrongs).
2. He is kind, gentle, intelligent, generous, outspoken, and has a great sense of humor.
3. He is learned and Prosperously rich.
4. Your "daddy" is a black dude ( I love me some black). He is gonna complement me cos I'm almost "white" now... (Ha! No! I didn't bleach... Nature played its role).
5. He ishandsome ( when you have a handsome daddy, you will rarely get angry... Its just like... OK, let me hold that thought. Lol).
6. He is gonna be tall and huge ( baby, you need to see me to understand this. Remember we are supposed to complement each other).
7. He is faithful (yes, I actually pray about this...).
8. He is fit... ( Yes, he has packs. I don't care how many but I would prefer one pack to a "bulging tummy" so people can differentiate who is carrying you between I and him... Lol).
And he's gonna marry me for love not for convenience.
He's a lot of other things I can't mention here so I don't get other "daddies" too jealous *winks*
Most importantly, baby I wanna assure you that I'm preparing for u.
I'm preparing my spirit, mind and body for you.
My spirit... For your spiritual growth.
My mind... For your moral and social growth
My body... For your health, for protection, love and care.
I'm working so well on myself. I'm trying to be super strong financially too because I will be helping daddy with that, as well. I wouldnt want to give you "akamu" instead of milk ( you willl take "pap" though). Don't worry, you will know the difference BTW pap and akamu when you come, or give u "soaked garri" instead of "Golden morn". We are really working so hard to give you the best. I promise, I and daddy mean so well for you. We won't have to " kill" you just to have you later. We want to do the right thing so we can have you "officially".
I've already picked out a name for you... *smiles*. I've got old stuffs packed for you so you will understand life a little better ( I got napkins, chaka chaka, lol, my baby pics, daddy's baby pics, a locally made walker, so many other stuffs).
Oh my! You are gonna be my best friend. You re gonna be so intelligent and smart, you wouldn't need a " smart phone". If you re a boy, we are gonna do a lot of "boyish" stuffs ( don't worry, its not going to be boring because I  used to be a "tomboy", so I know the brother codes). And if you are a girl, awwww... That would be a bonus!
But lemme tell u about stuffs that happen prior your arrival;
Your aunties might wanna shower you with so much love by feeding me with chocolates, cakes and wines... Just to let u know they are expectant of your arrival. Well, they call it "baby shower"... Lolzzz. I can do that cos I understand what it means and there will be cakes and chocolates! But what I won't do with u is take a " pre-baby shoot" or get you a "god mother". I don't understand d logic behind those. I'm gonna be both your mother and god mother( whatever that means). And I'm not gonna do any shoot to post on any social media platform cos we are gonna be each other's pictures for life.
Oh! I have a lot to tell you but you must be bored by now. But just know that I and daddy are working on being together forever so we can have you and your siblings over.
I love you so so much!
P.S : Lol means " laugh out loud". We use it here even wen we r crying. Lol.


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