Letter to all the single sisters out there!!!

Have u ever wondered why some ladies can't stand each other? 
You see a lady come into a room full of other beautiful ladies... Immediately her countenance changes from smiling to frowning, and then with all the energy and love she has in her,  she manages to utter a forceful,  almost inaudible "hi" to no one in particular. 
I mean,  it's high time we started loving and supporting each other. We need to celebrate each other. 

Please support the sisters' code:
1. Do not snitch on a sister
2. Do not discuss a sister with another sister (GOSSIP)
3. Do not laugh at a sister when she's been jilted. Cry with her and pray for her. 
4. Cover up for a sister, especially when her boyfriend/man calls to know if she's with you... Even though she's not with you. 
5. Do not let a sister go on a blind date alone. Insist on going with her. In fact negotiate.
6. Send a sister airtime or money when she's broke... If you have. These brothers should know we are strong, independent and supportive.
7. If you have an eligible brother who's searching and ready, please match-make a sister with him. There's no time to waste.
8. If a sister is physically abused by her boyfriend, please take necessary actions on her behalf. 
9. No sister should steal another sister's boyfriend/man or date a sister's ex boyfriend.
10. On no account should sisters fight over a man. 
11. A sister will not speak ill of another sister's boyfriend,  just because u don't like him. 
12. If a sister is having issues with her man, do not take sides,  rather look for solutions. Unless the issues are irreconcilable.

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