Interesting facts about men.

1.  If it’s attention that you want, don’t get in a relationship with a man during playoff season.
2.    Men roll their eyes at words like ” commitment, and change the toilet paper roll ”
3.  A woman speaks about 7,000 words a day; a man speaks about 2,000
4.   You will be surprised to hear that a 99-year-old man divorced after 77 years of marriage. He divorced his 96-year-old wife because he had discovered about an affair she had in the 1940’s.
5.   Smoking causes impotence in men.Hope you quit smoking after reading this.
    Do you know that men were the first to wear high heels, women began wearing them to look more masculine.
6.   Studies show that unfaithful men have lower IQ’s.
7.  It is funny to know that men spend almost a year of their lives staring at women.
8.  Men lie 6 times a day on an average, where as women lie 3 times a day.
9.  After a bottle of champagne, they start licking faces.  It makes you want to punch them and kiss them all at once.
10. Most men own three pairs of shoes.  Tops.  Don’t ask them for fashion advice. It isn’t going to happen. Unless you’re naked.
11. Don’t ask them what they’re thinking. Men can think about nothing for hours

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