How often do you appreciate him?

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I think we females spend a lot of time and energy demanding what a man should or shouldn’t be, that we forget to applaud their strengths. It’s hard being a man especially at this time and age. The amount of pressure placed on them is unimaginable.

I am not saying women don’t go through a lot either but we have an emergency respond team compared to men. Right from childhood, men are taught to hush their feelings; man up! It is no wonder men are 3 times more likely to commit suicide compared to their female counterparts, no avenue to voice their feelings.

When a man is quiet, it is usually because he is trying to solve certain issues. Men internalize their issues; that’s the reason he isn’t talking to you at the moment; not because we did something wrong. Some of us ladies make this situation about us instead of helping him through this phase. When was the last time you got your man or any significant male figure a gift? If you haven’t, then you need to re-evaluate your relationship (I don’t mean only intimate relationship).

Men generally don’t respond well to nags and screams. Those are emotional response. They would rather deal with facts. Men like to go straight to the point. We, on the other hand, beat round the bush. That’s where we lose them; in the cold bush!

Ladies, the next time he is less communicative, rather than nag, give him space. Make conscious efforts to speak to the king in him. Encourage and remind him of his previous victories.

Listen, these men fight unknown battles. The devil is not really after us (women). He wants us bound and caged but we are not his real targets. His real targets are our men. Because he knows, when he has them, he has us also. The devil doesn’t want to cage them, he wants to kill them completely! Because he doesn’t want the seeds in these men to grow and bear fruits.

How often do you speak the word over the lives of the men in your life? How often do you intercede on their behalf?

Men deserve affection, love, care and every other pleasant things you desire. Appreciate these men because it really isn’t easy being a man.

God bless you!


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