Hot chic; bad breathe

Few days ago, I had boarded a taxi with a very pretty, well endowed lady. She should be in her late twenties or probably younger (but she looked quite "mature". Well, a lot of girls look older than their real age these days). 

I normally don't engage in conversations with people when I'm using a public transport but then it was just the both of us and I couldn't ignore her perfect "make up" ( although she ignored me when I said " hi" to her immediately I boarded). I would assume she was distracted with whatever she was doing with her phone. Nonetheless, I complimented her;

"Hello, I love your make up", I said.
And with just a quick glance, she managed to mutter "thanks", and turned back to her phone.
"Are you a make up artist"?, I continued.

This time, she turned fully to face me and answered, "No... But if you don't mind, I'm trying to do something with my phone and I'm not really in the mood to talk".

At this point, I wasn't sure if I should feel embarrassed for myself or pity for her, because the foul smell that came out of her mouth was actually disconnecting. I can't describe the bad breathe but if you can describe the smell of a soaked cabbage, then you are close to the perfect description. 

Then I started checking out this damsel. A flawless beauty, her fair complexion isn't cream induced. Every physical attribute was so on point but then... Pheeew! Let me hold that thought.

Dear ladies, how can you take almost an hour looking beautiful outside but can't take 5minutes to feel fresh inside? Please take care of your mouth! Stop using " Orbit" chewing gum or "tom tom" sweet to fake your breathe. Its not nice. The worse things that can happen to a beautiful lady are having a bad breathe and body odour. These things can ruin a relationship unless of course, by some kind of miracle. Be conscious of your sense of smell.

If its health related, please seek medical help. Its very important.
Google tips on how to get rid of mouth or body odour.

Lastly, a set of white teeth doesn't guarantee an odourless breathe, take time to brush your tongue before rushing off to kiss every Tom, Dick and Harry.

God bless you.


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