Gigolo Alert!!!

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He is usually a handsome man with lots of charm. What sets him apart from a male escort is that the gigolo jerk pretends there is a genuine connection with the woman he scams. The gigolo jerk pretends to be independent and established, but he is in fact awaiting another scam. He usally operates best when youve just experienced a very bad heartbreak, and usually ends up earning your trust.

Here are some of the signs you are dating a gigolo:
1. He sure remembers a lot about the terms and conditions of your financial settlement.
2. He's way better at sex than you, and I don't mean marginally. I mean infinitely better than anyone you've ever heard of.
3. He uses positions you've never heard of. His standard missionary is called upside down reverse horseman. You don't know what that is, do you? Neither do I.
4. If he doesn't have sex regularly, he will die.
5. He schedules you like a doctor's appointment.
6. He always has a comb, mirror and talcum powder with him.
7. He obsessively grooms his pubic hair.
8. He always borrows money that he doesn't pay back from you.
9. He doesn't have a regular source of income or no job history.
10. He has a lot of female freinds that buy gifts for him.
11. He has a lot of fake deigner wears.
Their targets are usually sugar mommies, rich girls, working class and heartbroken ladies.
Watch out!


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