Diary of a single Ibo girl

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I was still struggling to shred my chicken when someone walked up to me and as I raised my head to this rude intruder, I met a very charming looking young man, probably in his early thirty's. He's tall, perfectly dressed and quite light skinned (Light skinned guys are not usually my spec, but this one is an exemption. His complexion is A.C induced... lol). Immediately my frown vanished, but I was struggling with a facial expression because I didn't want to make the delight obvious... kai! me and fine guys sha. But deep down, I knew something was going to spoil this ''fineness''. 
''Hello'', he said, smiling sheepishly.
''Hello'', I responded, still trying to figure out if I should smile or not.
''Can I join you''?, he asked, still smiling. Now he was giving me one yeye sexy expression like that.
''Sure'', I answered chewing my chicken in the best sexy way I know. 
'' Are you alone, or waiting for someone''? He asked, sitting down comfortably. Somehow, I knew, I was going to predict all of his next lines, but I prayed against it... Oh yes! I really prayed.
'' No, I'm alone'', I replied.
And with a seeming shocked expression (or was that sarcasm...?), he continued, as already predicted;
'' Ha! how can a beautiful girl be all alone''?
Hoping he would recognize the sarcasm that follows, I answered; " not everyone comes to eat in the restaurant with the whole village''
I had hoped at this point he would get the joke and let it slide, but no! cute boy decided to keep playing;
'' No, a fine girl like you shouldn't be eating alone''.
Now, I was getting the picture. Cute boy wants me to buy him food.
'' What would you like to eat''?, I asked.
Excitedly he replied, "you want to buy me food... that's good o''.
At this point, I was beginning to lose my cool. But I was still praying for Grace on his behalf. Because at the same time, I was beginning to lose my appetite.
He started doing his eyes like a fly perched on his eyelids and licking his lips like there was harmattan. God! how I detest that lip licking. Like a saying " when a guy wants to lie, he licks his lips to lubricate the lies...

To be continued...


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