Amazing lies men tell

Ever wondered why some guys lick their lips before they talk? Of course, it's to lubricate their lies!
These guys can lie to the extent that we begin to see a lot of truth in their lies. These lies confuse us so much that we see ourselves doing their biddings. Men! Wonderful creatures, I must confess.

Well, here are some of the amazing lies men tell:

1. I will never lie to you.
This is usually one of the first lies they tell. They look straight into your soul and tell you how they will never lie to you. Even when you catch them red handed. Their lies are so convincing that you begin to see yourself as the liar.

2. I'm single.
Every Nigerian guy seems to be single. You'll hear lines like " did you give me a girlfriend, I'm single o"?. These are usually the type of men that have the main chic, assistant main chic, side chic, deputy side chic, secretary to the assistant main chic and even the "benchers".

3. Do you think sex is my problem?
This is usually common among the " toasters ". After chasing a girl for months, they finally get her attention, and they start making sexual advances. The girl then asks " what do u want, is it sex"?. Immediately they become very defensive and feign annoyance; " do you think sex is my problem?, you think if it's about sex, I'd chase you for this long'?... Blah blah. Girl! Don't feel bad when they use these lines. These men are patient. Some of them can even go 2 more years just to have sex with you... Yes!. How can a man that is single and claims to be responsible say sex is not his problem? Where do they get it from?... Maybe sex hawkers?. Next time a guy asks you "do you think sex is my problem"?, after making sexual advances towards you, please say " Yes"!, Let's see how that is not their problem, since its that easy.

4. I was hanging out with my guys.
Yes! They are always hanging out with their guys, even when their side chics are there. They are all guys.

5. Let's give it a try and see where it goes.
After five years of being together, he still doesn't know where its going. Girl, its either you change destination or force him to see where its going. They will never come out to say "Baby, come let me just waste your time for 5 years". They know its not leading anyway but some of them feel too guilty to break up with you, so they will wait till you have the privilege of breaking up with them.

And their wicked friends will still see you and be calling you " our wife". There is God o.


  1. Hahahahahaha. Very insightful. Speaking as a guy, I think u re mostly correct.


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